Hi OSGeo guys around me, 

I've just nominated BJ Jang[1] for a new OSGeo Charter Member. 

BJ has been very active in OSGeo Korean Chapter for many years. In particular he's contributed much to organizing trainings and translations. 

He is in charge of all open source GIS education and trainings through OSGeo Korean Chapter these days. With his efforts OSGeo Korean Chapter has organized many open source GIS trainings successfully.[3] He is also an enthusiastic translator. He has led many translations including PostGIS[4], GeoSever[5], QGIS[6]. Thanks to his leadership in translations, many Korean people now can learn open source GIS in Korean. 

BJ is also a prominent GIS SW developer who loves to share his knowledge & experiences with others. He has carried out many challenging GIS projects using open sources.[7] He is now developing GeoStatistics QGIS Plug-in[8] and contributes much to Tadpole project, an open source DB management tool.[9]

So I believe his enthusiasm, experiences and leadership will definitely give new energy to OSGeo community. 

Please support him. 

Thanks so much for your reading this. 












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