1. Mobile Augmented reality using FOSS
- Open source AR in the wild
- Android vs iOS
- MAR Web applications : KAMRA - http://research.cc.gatech.edu/polaris
- Barriers : Walled garden & Fragmentation : Android versioning vs Apple's determination by application
- Open source : gamaray and Mixare(most mature/active OS)
- Mixare : worked on Android 2.1, unstable on Android 2.2, UX is not so good!!
- MAR are mostly nice, interesting toys. -> How to improve?
- HTML5 client needed
contact : http://locativemedia.org

2. New functionalities in gvSIG mobile 1.0
- Based on JAVA so should work on JAVA platform
- Tested on Knopplerfish
- LWUIT(Light weight user interface t?)
- libLocation 이용
- Styles support(range, unique value..)
- Editing : create, delete and edit, snapping
- new SRS support
- new support for WFS
- 동영상으로 보기에는 완성도가 제법 되는 듯..
- 현재 Alpha version. 여러 문제를 해결한 뒤 베타 발표 예정
- gvSIG Mobile : Mobile GIS with full functionality.
- gvSIG Mini : Simple GIS 

3. Comparison of GIS mobile Application
- PDA evolve to smart phones
- So many devices
- GIS Mobile Comparison in OSGeo Wiki
- Mobile GIS : Real GIS(gvSIG, Enebro) vs Mobile viewers
- 전체 내용은 http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/GIS_Mobile_Comparison 에서 볼 수 있음

2010년 9월 7일

저작자 표시 비영리 동일 조건 변경 허락
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