This talk was given at the FOSS4G Asia 2021 held at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Have you ever heard about Open Indoor Map project? No? Don't worry about that you don't know the OIM(Open Indoor Map) project, because OIM is quite new project and not publicly well-known. OIM project got many inspirations from Open Street Map. OIM is a project to let users upload & share their indoor related data. Users can upload their IFC, CityGML, IndoorGML, 3DS data that represent indoor space to the OIM server and OIM server visualize those data through the web in 3D. OIM project makes use of many open source projects including mago3D, Assimp, and others. I expect OIM project could expand crowd-sourced map to indoor space from outdoor space as well by complementing Open Street Map.


2021년 10월 5일

Posted by 뚜와띠엔

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