Now you can get more information about Gaia3D's brand-new 3D Geo-platform called mago3D in its exclusive webpage here: http://www.mago3d.com. 

mago3D is the next generation web based 3D geo-platform that could integrate 3D GIS and AEC(Architecture, Engineering and Construction) seamlessly on a web browser. mago3D is a perfect solution to whom wants to handle and manage large amount of 3D data in a collaborative way on a web environment. mago3D's cutting edge technology enables users to service huge amount of 3D data through internet without installing any plugin or ActiveX at tremendous speed. 

If you want to hear and learn more about mago3D, please attend the FOSS4G Boston(https://2017.foss4g.org) or FOSS4G Europe.(https://europe.foss4g.org/2017/) President of Gaia3D, Mr. Sanghee Shin, will give a talk about this there.

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