Practical Travel Tips in Seoul.

  • Buy T-Card first! It’s eMoney card that can be spent at public transportation(metro, bus, taxi) and convenient store as well. You can top-up more at any metro station or convenient store.
  • In Seoul take Metro! Metro covers almost all the Seoul area and more. Cheap, fast and clean. Don’t underestimate overground traffic jam in Seoul.
  • If you take taxi in Seoul, do not take deluxe(usually black) taxi otherwise you’re rich. It’s big and that’s all!
  • If you need any help in Korea, just call 1330. It's tourist hotline. It runs 24hours, 7days in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.
  • Tipping is not regular practice in Korea. You don’t need to give tips otherwise you’re super happy with service.
  • If you have only 1 day to look around Seoul, go to central Seoul around Seoul City Hall. Seoul plaza, palaces, Insadong, open spaces and heritages.
  • Like hiking? Go to Bukhansan National Park in Seoul. Rocks and gorgeous sceneries!
  • Exchanging business card is regular when Korean people introduce themself to others. Bring your cards as many as possible.
  • Smoking at the main street is usually not permitted in Seoul except designated smoking area. Back street is ok.
  • Complementary purified or tap water will be given at any local restaurants with cups. You don’t need to buy water.
  • If you’re bold enough to confront with North Korea, have a tour to DMZ(Demilitarized Zone). Lots of tours to DMZ!
  • Foreigners are not expected to speak Korean. In Seoul many people(the younger, the better) can speak English.
  • Honour and respect are pretty important in Korea especially to the old.
  • Every metro station has free toilet.

Places to Visit in Seoul. 

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace: Main palace of Joseon dynasty. It’s the must visit place. 
  • Changdeokgung Palace and Secret Garden: It’s the second royal villa and the most well-preserved palace. To visit secret garden, you should make a reservation earlier here: Make a hurry. 
  • Jongmyo: Jongmyo is a Confucian shrine of royal family. I highly recommend this place. 
  • Mt. Namsan and N Seoul Tower: This place is very popular for its walkways and excellent views of Seoul at night. Also quite great place at days as well.
  • Bukchon: Traditional old village just next to Gyeongbokgung Palace. Please be aware that residents still live there and you need to respect their life. 
  • Insadong Antique Street: Very popular street for tourist experiencing Korean culture. If yow want to walk around Insadong area, please visit Jogyesa temple, the HQ of Korean Buddhism as well. 
  • Cheonggyecheon Stream: At the heart of Seoul, there is a restored stream. If yow walk around from Seoul City Hall to Gyeongbokgung Palace, you’ll easily find the Cheonggyecheon stream. 
  • Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) and Dongdaemun Market: Actually Dongdaemun area has been an area of fashion and textiles. DDP is quite famous for its UFO style building design. Dongdaemun History Hall, the Dongdaemun Excavation Site, Dongdaemun Sports Memorial Hall, Event Hall, and Design Gallery can all be found at the DDP.
  • Itaewon: If you’d like to experience the international cuisine and culture here in Seoul, you should directly go to Itaewon.
  • Hongdae: There are many techno clubs, pubs, and street busking around Hongdae area. 
  • Gangnam: Street of young generations. Many nice and pricey restaurants and Karaoke. If you’d like to visit Gangnam area, please visit Bongeunsa temple as well, one of the great Buddhist temple in Seoul. Bongeunsa temple is quite nice place to visit with mixed scenery of modern and tradition. 
  • Lotte World Tower: Lotte World Tower is a 123-floor, 555-metre super-tall skyscraper. On top of the building theirs is observatory. 
  • Seoul City Wall: Actually Seoul is a walled city. If you like trekking, you can enjoy real Seoul by walking through and along the Seoul City Wall. For more information, please see this website: If you’d like to have a trekking just behind the Blue House(the presidential residence), you need to bring your photo id such as passport. Actually it’s not well known course, however it’s great course. 
  • Bukhansan National Park: Mt. Bukhansan is situated in the northern part of Seoul and many Seoul citizen really likes the mountain. Please see this site for details 
  • Hangang(river): If you’d like to take walk along the river, there’s many walkways in Hangang area. Also you can easily rent a bike there. Bike only lane is also there along the river. 

Disclaimer: All my recommendations are purely based on my subjective experiences. If you'd like to get more official information, please visit the site below:

Visit Seoul: 
Korea Tourism Organization: 

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