1. GeoNode Architecture

- SDI + Web2.0 = SDI2.0 = GeoNode

- SDI : Share- multi institutional , Data, 

- Web2.0 : Interoperability, User centric, Collaboration

- GeoNode : GeoNetwork(Search), GeoServer(tiles, conversion), Django(web), GeoExt(app)

2. Putting things together : GeoNetwork, OL, GoeExt an MapFish under the roof of Drupal CMS - GeoPortal RO as an example by Terrestris

- Evolution of internet & geoportals

- Mapbender as geoportal software

- One software lead and all others will follow using plugins

- So, CMS would be leading software

- Drupal plugin to edit metadata for GeoNetwork Open Source

- MapFish print module 

- http://drupal.org/project/openlayers

3. Integrating SEXTANTE and GRASS

- Originally extensions of gvSIG

- Sextante : components + algorithm

- Grass algorithms - SEXTANTE algorithms - WPS

- A call to a GRASS command is wrapped as a SEXTANTE algorithm

- GRASS를 선택하면 SEXTANTE 알고리즘에 GRASS  알고리즘이 추가되는구만..

- command 상에서 명령어와 아규먼트를 입력하지 않고 UI 방식으로 자동 제공됨.(죽이네..)

- SEXTANTE가 계속 발전하는구나.. 휴~~ 

- http://www.sextantegis.com

4. GeoCat Bridge

- ArcGIS Desktop extension to publish map layers as WMS/WFS/WCS on geoserver

- Metadata for layers in a GeoNetwork catalog

- optionally SLD

- current problem : publishing web services requires knowledge most people don't have

- Metadata : ArcCatalog, GeoNetwork

- MXD2AXL extension developed in 2003

- Close to 20,000 downloads

- 0$ earned, 0 lines of code contributed

- Main users of ArcMap users oriented towards purchasing license

- To make the project sustainable, developer will sell licenses

- 결론적으로 ArcMap에서 보이는대로 지도를 GeoServer와  GeoNetwork을 통해 publish할 수 있도록 도와주는 ArcGIS extension임. 

- 열심히 프로그램 짜고 공개하고 그랬으나 돈도 못벌고 단 한 줄의 다른 사람의 도움도 못받고 그래서 상업적 open source model로 가는구나.

- 근데 GeoMajas도 그렇고 상업적 Open Source GIS가 이제 슬슬 태동하는 분위기..

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