mago3D = {Indoor, Outdoor} + {Overground, Underground} + {Objects, Phenomena} + {Static, Dynamic}

It would be awesome if you can have a virtual replica of real world that you can play with and do the simulation to see what would happen. That is 'Digital Twin', the ultimate goal of mago3D!

At the FOSS4G NA 2019, I talked about the recent achievements and improvements of mago3D project, an open source based 'Digital Twin' platform. mago3D( is relatively new project that was first released in July 2017. The ultimate goal of mago3D project is developing an open source based digital twin platform that can replicate and simulate the real world objects, processes, and phenomena on web environment. mago3D is on its way to achieve this goal now. Currently mago3D more focuses on managing and visualization of various types of 3D data ranging from simple box style extrusion model, point clouds, realistic mesh, to complex BIM(Building Information Modeling), AEC(Architecture, Engineering, Construction) data. mago3D supports industry standards 3D formats such as IFC, CityGML, IndoorGML, 3DS, Collada DAE, OBJ, LAS, JT, and so on. mago3D has been used in various industry sectors including ship building, urban management, indoor data management, and national defense. In this talk I showcased several real projects that had employed the mago3D and talked about what I'd learned during these projects implementation. I talked more about the future plan of mago3D towards visualizing/simulating of {static and dynamic data}, {underground and overground features}, {indoor and outdoor spaces}, {objects and phenomena} at the same time on web browser.

As a tech-savvy country, there're lots of discussions and activities around digital twin in Korea. I shared my real experiences on this in this talk.

2019년 5월 24일

Posted by 뚜와띠엔

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