Existing Products New Products 
 Markets Existing Usage Application Existing Customers  Man buy for woman for engament/wedding <-- Diamond casket
  - for engagement/wedding  Different Customers Woman buy for man for engagement/wedding <--
  New Usage Application Existing Customers Man buy for woman to celebrate 10th wedding anniversary <--
  - for celebrating some anniversary Different Customers  Children buy diamonds for their parents to celebrate 20th wedding anniversary.  <--

Mixture of market expansion and product(complementary, substitute, independent products) expansion. 

Casket can be regarded as complementary product in terms of product expansion.

Honda expanded its business from at first motor-cycle to auto-mobile, lawn-mower and even to boat engine.

Product purchase share : Spend 50% for Starbucks and 50% for another brand coffee

Need share : Spend some amount for Starbucks and the others for another drinks including another brand coffee

Wallet share : Spend a lot of money on Starbucks including coffee and other items from Starbucks. Do not spend on other drinks or another coffee brands. 

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