I saw your comments on recent incident around violent behaviors of wife of your Ambassador to Seoul. You mentioned like these "이번 사건과 관련해 대사관 페이스북 계정 등 다양한 웹사이트에 올라온 인종 차별적 메시지와 증오발언들을 개탄하고, 이러한 행동들은 용납될 수 없고 중단돼야 한다", "법치주의를 존중하는 것은 한국과 벨기에가 공유하는 본질적인 가치."


I totally agree with your opinion and am strongly against any kinds of racial message and hate speech. However at the same time I believe the behavior of your Ambassador's wife was typical racial attack to Asian people especially to Korean people. If she was in other Western cities like London, Paris, or New York, I hardly imagine that she could slap and hit the staffs of boutique shop. She did that only because she was in Korea. Her behavior was a part of racism and at the same time was originated from supremacy to other people.


Just like you, we Koreans can't tolerate any kinds of racism and violent act to other people. The sad thing is that you and your county has yet given any apologies to helpless boutique shop employees and just showed brazen-faced attitudes toward them and Korean citizens.


Fact is quite simple. Your Ambassador's wife DID a violent act and that can't be tolerated. Many Korean people were hurt by her and we just ask her apology first. It's a just racial attack. My final question is that "So, does your country advocate violence and racism?"


2021년 4월 21일 

Posted by 뚜와띠엔

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